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Titel: SiDiary-Exporter for WebOS (Palm Pre/Pix) Users-Manual
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After the first start of the App you will see the Card "Preferences and Accounts"


Hier you can set the following preferences

The following points are important for the Bolus suggestion calculation

At least here you need to put in your Login Credentials for Syncronising the Data into SiDiary or SiDiary-Online (only if you want this).

Now just do a Back-Swip.

At any time you can change your Settings by going to the Menü and then select "Preferences and Accounts" (for instance if your CH/Insulin Ratio or your corrections rules have changed).

Now we come to the Input-Screen (or the Main App):

At first you have to enter the Date and Time for your Entry. Per default this is the current Date and Time.
After this you can enter your BE or Carbs (you can also leave the 0 in here if you just want to save a check  measurement). Now comes your BG value (of course only if you enabled this in the perferences) and the your IU value (if enabled too).

Just tap the value and the Numberpad (http://www.forum.diabetesinfo.de/forum/gallery/1113_25_03_10_9_58_10.png) will be opend.

The Buttons on the bottom of the Screen are for the following (from left to right):

Thats it!