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 :dozent: This suggestion may be useful to others for translating the SiDiary Forums and DiabetesInfo pages from German into your preferred language.
 :hilfe: I use Google Translate's translate a web page feature to help keep up to date with the other Beta 6 threads.  The resultant syntax is terrible, but the translation gives the general idea.  I keep Google Translate open in a second tab on my browser while browsing the SiDiary Forums.

 :stern: Here's the link:

In the lower part of the Google Translate page, under Translate a Web Page, just change the pulldown from the default Spanish to German, then the Target Language to English (or language of your choice.).  Copy the URL for the Forum page you are on, switch to the browser tab for Google Translate, paste the Forum Page URL into the Translate a Web Page format, then click Translate.

In most cases the entire page is translated.  If the Topic has more than one page, you can just click to have subsequent pages automatically translated.  While the syntax and word order are not always perfect, it is very helpful and I can now read every page in the Forum, not just English pages.
I keep Google Translate open in another tab in Internet Explorer 7, copy the URL from the Beta-Tester Stammtisch page, then paste it into Translate a web page.  It helps me and could be useful on the forums for others, since it supports translation from German into many user-selectable languages.

Warm regards,

Joerg Moeller:
You also can use this link: (it's more easier :zwinker: )

a better translation can be found at


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