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minimed 670g and carelink personal


Hello All,

So I just switched to the new (at least new to me) Medtronics Minimed 670g pump with CGM and uploaded the numbers to Carelink personal. I was surprised that I no longer see the ability to export the data from either the pump or the meter (Contour Next Link 2.4) to CSV format. I called Medtronics and spoke to them and they told me they removed that ability. So unless someone can kindly tell me how to get to the data looks like SiDiary may loose me as a user of their great app.

Thanks in advance,


Hello badkarma0007,

i try ist (with my worst english)

You must connect your badkarma0007 with the PC (USB).
Then make a Sync on the Page ""
The next step: you Take the Buttom REPOR. At The ent of the Page you find  ==> Original-CareLink-Report and the link HERE
At the next site you must take DATAEXPORT

Thats ALL

I hope it can Help you?


Joerg Moeller:
Hello BadKarma0007,

Unfortunately it is true: if you use the new Uploader-Tool with CareLink Personal (instead of the previous Java-Uploader) you cannot create a CSV file anymore.
But I'm afraid this is not our responsibility and we have no influence on Medtronic's decision.

Here, Medtronic customers are the only ones who can put pressure on the company to reclaim this option. Technically, that wouldn't be a problem for Medtronic.

Another option would be to get a copy of CareLink Professional instead of CareLink Personal. However, this should be as new as possible, so that this also works with the 670G.

Best regards,


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