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I have been playing with the demo version and find it interesting.
I did have some questions.
I have a home network, I see the newest version allows for a network share install.
I want to be able to access this from a PC, a Laptop, as well as an Iphone using the mobile version.
I saw another person had a similar issue but was answered off line.
How was this addressed.
Which versions of the software would I need?
Would I need multiple licenses?

Secondly, I use the Bayer ContourUSB meter which downloads fine, but I could not see how to import the existing data from Glucofacts deluxe.
Your webpage made reference to an addon but I could not find this.

Thirdly if I were to use the mobile app to input a reading, maybe some activity etc... then later in the day on the PC make a similar input but not the same reading. And then perform a sync from both devices would both inputs be merged or would just the latest input be taken?
Would uploaded info of the EXACT same input i.e. a duplicate be detected?

The network feature is only available for the Pro-Version since it targets clinics and healthcare professional. Perhaps in your scenario with multiple computers the USB-Stick would be an option because this feature enables SiDiary to run directly from the stick along with your data without the need of an installation.
"Make your stick" feature is part of the standard version and is not included with the subscription.
The AddOn was just a temporary tool for downloading the Contour USB meter data from the log files which are saved from the original Bayer software running on the stick. Since SiDiary is now downloading the Contour USB data directly from the HID USB-device this AddOn is obsolete. To import your history data you might check the csv-import possibilities of SiDiary. Please check the manual in SiDiary's program group to find a full list of field names which are supported in that csv-import.
Well SiDiary is trying to avoid duplicate readings with some kind of tolerance checks regarding the timestamp of a record and the value of that record. If both differences will not exceed the defined limits the import record will be recognized as a duplicate value. But you can also decide to deactivate this duplicate checks which would make sense in case of cgms data in example.
Regarding the sync with other clients: Of course you can track levels on your iphone and later on some on the desktop or at SiDiary Online and after syncing all devices the result is a merge of all data.
Cheers, Alf.

Hello I am of Canada (quebec) I come to try your software. It is super  i like it. I want well buy a subscription I believe that it is a $ 19.95 a share taxes and delivery. I'm not very good in English but I try . Id like to know the exact amount its cost me please. Also have a question. Is synchronization between a PC and a mobile android working well? I have install the software on my mobile too is that if  buy a subscription  it will be good for the PC and mobile?

Joerg Moeller:
Hello and welcome to our forum! :prost:

The price of Euro 19.95 is including VAT, which you don't need to pay as customer from outside europe. So your real price is Euro 16.76, which is about 25 Canadia dollar. There are no shipping costs, since the license will be sent to you by email.
The license can be used on the PC and mobile Apps (excluding the iPhone version, this woul be need to purchase seperately at iTunes), so you don't need a seperate license for Android.

Syncing data is very easy, if you follow the steps in this manual:

You can try the sync before you buy a license, because it works also in the adware mode of the app. (Vut in the registered version you can change the time range for the sync)

Kind regards

Since you are from Quebec I suppose your mother tongue is French? So, I will try something :D

Tu as le choix entre l'abonnement annuel (19,95€) et la version standard (49,95€).
- Tu télecharges le logiciel (version gratuite)
- Après que tu as achechté la version "abonnement" ou la version standard tu va reçevoir un émail avec un numéro de transaction.
- Ce numéro il faut entrer dans le logiciel voilà.

Je SUPPOSE (je ne travaille pas pour l'entreprise Sinovo) qu'il n'y pas de frais d'envoi car il n'y a rien à envoyer :) Il y a seulement le numéro de transaction que tu va recevoir par émail. Donc, les coûts total sont 19,95€ ou 49,95€ (je ne sais rien sur les taux de change entre € et $ Canadien).

Quant à la synchronisation entre l'ordinateur et le portable:
Ça marche sans de problèmes. Mais c'est une synchronisation en ligne. Tes données (tout ce que tu entres dans un des deux versions de ce logiciel (ordinateur / portable) sont enregistrées sur des serveurs. Donc, c'est toujours la synchronisation ordinateur <=> serveur <=> portable. Il faut espérer que les serveurs sont fiable. :)

Dans la version portable c'est comme avec la version ordinateur: Tu télécharges la version gratuit sur ton portable. Puis, il tu entres la numéro de transaction pour vérifier que tu as acheté le produit. Après que tu as fait ça tu peux utiliser SiDiary sans limitations.

Allright, personal note: writing in French does still work well for me although it takes some time. :) Hope you could understand at least something.

edit: Joerg Moeller was faster and more precise. :D But since I put sooo much effort into my text I'll post it anyway :P


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